Being a FoodHappy member is much more than just online snack shopping.

Exclusive international products direct to you.

Our research team spends hundreds of hours sourcing the best and most interesting items from around the world. In fact, many of our products are only available in Hong Kong via FoodHappy as we directly import from Europe, the USA, Korea, Japan and Australia. We have many local favourites too, of course!

Fantastic value
...all things considered.

How much is your time worth?

According to our research, office workers in Hong Kong spend 30-45 minutes per week shopping for their snacks. No need with a FoodHappy membership! Think what else you could use that time for... even at HK minimum wage that is a saving of $15 per week.

Fully inclusive price.

Our price includes delivery, packaging, processing and credit card fees. No hidden extras. Also consider you're not paying bus/taxi or MTR fares to travel to pick up your food. And every box still contains at least $60 of items at retail prices.

Our loyal customers are spoiled rotten...

with surprise gifts, HappyRewards™ and exclusive event invitations.