Every box is unique and personalised to your tastes, picked from over 250 quality snacks curated from around the world.

Four delicious boxes to choose from...

FoodHappy® Box

Includes every items from our range including naughty, healthy, Asian and Western products. Recommended for first time users and those who love variety.

BodyHappy™ Box

Your box will only contain products which offer health benefits (not always low calorie), including items high in minerals and vitamins, organic produce, vegan and gluten free.

ChocHappy™ Box

Do you love chocolate? Then you will love our ChocHappy box. Your box will be filled with items that feature chocolate (select as many categories as possible to get the widest range).

TasteWest™ Box

Prefer Western Style snacks? This is the box for you - curated from popular American and European taste preferences. Have the chance to enjoy some exclusively imported snacks too!

We intelligently select the contents of each box by learning from your ratings, so every box will be different and keep improving the more snacks you taste and rate!

You can even tell us the categories of food to include:


Selected from the best coffee locations around the world, our coffee selection offers many varieties to try.


Great tasting. Especially the types we find. All individually wrapped and interestingly mixed flavours from artisan locations around Europe.


One of the most popular categories. Who does not love a soft cake or cookie on its own or with a cup of tea? Selected from around Asia and Europe.


Simply add water to the powder drink mix. Only the finest quality healthy or energy drink selections will be on offer.


Dried and fresh tasting delights. Selected from Japan, Korea and further afield. It does not always have to be sweet to be a tasty snack.


Classic healthy option. Beef Jerky for the meat lovers. Both good and alternatives to balance your snacking taste buds.


Always a favourite. Good for energy and snacking throughout the day. Supplied in snack size bags so you can take them with you on the go.


Balance your indulgence with some fruit options. Easy to eat in small nibble size portions either dried or freeze dried. Even space men eat what we have selected for you.


This is where FoodHappy stands out. We frequently find interesting tastes from around the world. When you choose this option you will receive something rather special.


Our finest artisan teas from around the world will help you rediscover the pleasure of tea the way it was naturally meant to be.


Smoked, salted or dried, these seafood items are bursting with flavour and offer a great snack throughout the day.


We select only the highest quality chocolates from Europe, some with added flavours and some pure dark chocolate which are actually shown to have many health benefits.